Como Villa

Although I did not see too many local names in the paper Monday morning, I am assuming that many of you were away collecting your Queen’s Birthday Honours on Saturday. However we still managed to rustle up about 30 members for a walk or run from Chapman's Como Villa Estate. I am sure many would have been disappointed to arrive with secateurs in hand, ready to prune Johnny’s vines, only to find a sign on the gate saying “No workers required”. So we had to abandon plans to prune his grape vines for him and make do with a run or walk.

Most groups headed on down Marshall Road and over onto the tailings and river tracks. Things never stay the same, it seems strange to see the green of irrigated land of a cow farm next to the tailings.

The faster runners carried on down the river track towards Alex before looping back. With no Jill to keep an eye on them, it was rumoured that the W3 walking group hitched a ride back to Como Villa so they wouldn’t be late back for a cuppa. So no one late back at all this week.