Monteith’s Clyde to Alexandra
10km Event 2019

Saturday, 10 August 2019

2019 is the 51st Clyde to Alexandra run, having been held every year since 1969.

These popular annual events for runners and walkers are held every August.

As well as the 10km run and walk, there are 6km events for runners and walkers plus a 4km Off-road run for Under 14yr olds and a 2km Off-road run for Under 11yr olds.

The 10km events start on the Clyde Dam and head down Sunderland Street through the historic township of Clyde, past the hospital, along Mutton Town Road to the main highway, which competitors then follow into Alexandra. 

The 6km events start part way along Mutton Town Road.

The Off-road events start near the Finish line and run through the Pines.

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SORRY, but due to a substantial increase in costs, we have had to increase entry fees this year.

The fees this year are $45 for all 10km events, $20 for all 6km events, $10 for the 4km event and $5 for the 2km event.

To enter, click on the appropriate link below dependent upon whether you wish to pay by credit card or by direct transfer to our bank account (details shown later). Your entry will not be accepted until we receive your payment. 

Entries will be accepted on the day but will cost $10 extra (except entries for under 14yr olds), must be paid in cash and are likely to take longer to complete.

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