Some reminders for your safety on trips out


1)  Prevention is better than cure;

 Let someone, other than those in your group, know what your intended route is and how long it should take.

  • Check that those in the group know where they are going.
  • Run or walk in pairs or preferably larger groups.
  • Regroup often when away from the main track.
  • Carry within the group (hat, gloves, windbreaker, survival blanket) 
  • Ensure you are adequately dressed for the weather, have appropriate sun protection and are well hydrated.  
  • All club members must take personal responsibility for their own safety, whilst keeping aware of the wellbeing of others running/walking in the same group.  Remember above all use common sense and give consideration to others.
  • Voluntary disclosure of medical conditions shall be the responsibility of the individual member an individual risk assessment approach to their welfare may be appropriate.
  • Head counts are to be carried out at the beginning and end of each event.


2)  In case of accident or emergency;

 For serious injuries, when in need of urgent medical assistance or if in grave or imminent danger dial 111 or send for help.  Because of the terrain in which we walk/run, there will not always be cell phone coverage.  

  • Do not attempt to move people with serious injuries unless their location is immediately life threatening. Ensure that the injured party is reassured and is kept warm.
  • In the event that cell phone coverage is not available, leave at least one person with the injured party.  Send a pair, if possible, for help. Be prepared to advise of injury and location details.
  • For minor injuries use club vehicle to evacuate.
  • The club has 2 first aid kits. They can be found in the back of the bus with the afternoon tea equipment.


3)  If you are lost;

  • If you are unsure where you are, stay put.
  • If you are certain of how you got to where you are, head back down the route you came along on.


4)  In case of a lost group;

  • Wait 20 -30 minutes past expected return time.
  • Send out two search groups - one in the direction the group went, the other in the direction the group should have returned from. Agree on a time for this.  If in vehicles these groups should meet.
  • If the group is not located, contact Police as above with details of the expected route, who is in the party and search areas covered.