Ophir to Olrig

Greetings all and one.

The Ophir Olrig outing always seems popular, despite some years of hoar frost, rain or snow or lazy southerly winds. This year the sun came out, making for quite pleasant conditions, so it came as no real surprise to find nearly 50 members turning up for the outing. 4 carloads walked from Olrig over to Ophir. The remaining walking groups got dropped off at the Chatto Creek pub (I think they walked past the door), or further up the hill at the rail trail crossing. The runners took the bus to Ophir, running back over the hill. The smaller group of slower runners went out to Olrig, to set up the billy before heading along the rail trail and over the hill to rejoin the Ophir track.

All groups were back pretty much on time, despite some estimated times being very optimistic.

It would appear that early June is a very popular time of year for birthdays, with about 4 members admitting to having birthdays around this time. Came as no real surprise that they all involved half a century plus (plus).