St Bathan's Blue Lake

There were about 40 members on board the bus , with about a dozen W3s getting off at Cambrians , for a walk to the flower farm and then on to the St Bathans domain..

The remaining members got off the bus at the domain for a walk or run around Blue Lake, not that it looks very blue these days. All manged to scramble around the hillside without anyone slipping down into the lake. There were some damp places underfoot at times.

President Ewan was concerned bus driver John may have been running on his own , so joined him for a run, hopefully he can still walk around this week.

Meantime Jill’s W3s did not realise they were in for an Olympic marathon, not realising just how far it was to the flower farm and then on to the domain.

So as we were all enjoying that cuppa we were surprised to see a farmer pull in with  a bitch and couple of mongrels on the back of the truck. Yes Jill had decided it was too far for some of the W3s, so had flagged down  the passing farmer.  So, as well as the dogs out back there were also some walkers on board as well. The remaining walkers managed to walk all the way , longest walk for the day, well done team. Hope you are all recovered now.