Roxburgh to Alexandra

After battling metre deep snow drifts they eventually battled their way to Alexandra for a welcome cuppa. (well ok , there were no metre deep snow drifts but there were patches of snow around ). Most decided it was much easier going Roxburgh to Alex direction.

Meantime about another 20 members turned up for a local walk at 1:00pm. The W3s headed on up the river track towards the Fraser Mouth. The other groups headed over the Shaky bridge and down the river track ,Graveyard gully area tracks.

A small group of 4 took off at midday for a walk to the K2 Trig ( which I assume is not in the Himalayas.)

The A pack of runners (all 3 of them promoted themselves to A pack ) headed up behind the clock, where at the top of the valley they met a walker who was very keen on a good talking.

So Janice dragged them around the water race to Tuckers hill and return by the rail trail, she may have stopped talking briefly at some stage. She did mention she was keen to have a Brown snake as a pet like the locals in outback Oz.

All groups were back on time for that cuppa , so well done everyone.