Thomsons Gorge

Last Saturday was a big day out for 20 club members (17 walkers and 3 runners) who travelled by foot from Matakanui over Thomsons Gorge to Bendigo.

The walkers started walking about 9am, the runners at 11am. Of course this was a typical harrier outing, so it started with a hill to climb. Then they were how many gates? a couple of water crossings as well as 27.6km of track to traverse. The runners made it to the bus at Bendigo about 3:15pm, with the walkers arriving from 3:30pm to 3:50pm. Blue skies made it a pleasant day for all, although by Sunday I suspect they may have noticed the effects of the big day.

Meantime another 24 or so members boarded the bus at 12:30pm and travelled to the bottom of the hill at Bendigo. Most headed onto the track to Thomsons Gorge to meet those coming over from Matak.

There were some complaints about the water crossing at the start. It was mentioned in my last email. It may have been in small print and printed in white, but I am sure I mentioned a change of dry footwear would be a good choice. The runners and a few walkers made it up the hill in time to spot the troops coming from the other side, before returning back to the bus.