More details on our practices on trips


The bus leaves from the old swimming pool area corner of Walton & Thompson Streets at 1.00pm, unless stated earlier.  The bus leaves on time, so if you only turn up at 1.00pm, you are likely to see the bus driving off. Please be on time.



Two groups of members alternate as duty pack for the week.  The duty pack is responsible for loading the gear from the club trailer into the bus. On arrival at our destination they are responsible for setting up the gas thermette and filling it with water so we have hot water for a cuppa after our run/walk. After the run walk they set up the tables, get the cups out, fill the teapots with hot water. 

 When duty pack, please bring a plate of food for afternoon tea.  This can include, sandwiches, scones ,  muffins, cakes, slices, biscuits, fruit.  For those with no cooking skill, we will still accept bought biscuits. After afternoon tea the duty pack washes the cups and reloads the bus. The club provides the tea, coffee ,  milk, sugar etc.

Members with surnames starting A - L will form one duty pack and those with surnames starting M - Z will form the other duty pack.



The walking groups have 3 packs: W1, W2,W3. The W1 group are the fastest group, they will push the pace and usually like to include some hillwork.  The W2 group are a bit slower but still get a good workout and will following similar country to the W1 group. The W3 group usually try to avoid the hills and will usually not go as far as the W1&2 groups, but a reasonable level of fitness is required.

 The runners have 4 packs: A, B, C, D.  The A pack is for the faster runners, generally doing a half marathon time (HMT) of sub 1hour 30mins. The B pack is for serious social runners,  HMT about 1-30 to 1-45.  The C pack is for social runners, HMT 1-45 to 2-00. The D pack is for broken down A, B & C pack runners,  naturally slow runners and anyone just starting out running.

Our Saturday outings are not races, they are social outings, so please keep in your packs so no one gets lost. If you get way ahead, please stop and wait for the rest of your group.   

 We do not have a set distance we run/walk each week, we go out for the time available usually 1 ½ hours, but it can be 2 hours sometimes.



Our runs and walks are over the winter months and at times at higher altitudes. As such you need to be prepared for cold temperatures.  This means polyprop/merino thermal clothing, a light windbreaker, hat, gloves. Sometimes we can get wet feet, so a change of footwear is required. Runners are advised to bring a change of warm clothing.



Our walks and runs are on reserve land, the DOC estate, as well as private farmland. Dogs are not permitted on harrier club outings. If you have any concerns regarding farming practices you may observe , you first point of contact should always be the harrier club committee. We have spent many years developing good relationships with landowners to allow us access to areas not always open to the general public. 

Please be sure to remember on your walk / run that all gates should be left as they are found - open or closed. If YOU open a gate for yourself personally, or for a group, YOU must close it again. Do not leave it open for a following person / group, who may then find it open and assume it is to be left open.