Civilised Clyde

Well last Saturday showed spring arriving a day early with blue skies and comfortable conditions to walk or run in.

There must have been 40-50 folk turning up at the old Clyde railway station for a wander around Clyde.

The W2s had to be different to everyone else and got back in their cars to wander around some tracks up the airport way.

 All other groups headed around Clyde , some taking in the streets and cafes ,some along the river track and others  headed up to the reservoir  and checked out the new cherry plantation going in . Most groups made sure to check out the murals at the Daphne Hull subway , the cycle track under the state highway.

Very impressive and some artistic license taken.

 This Saturday for those wanting to do a long walk (about 22km ) meet corner Walton & Thompson Streets at 9:30am with warm clothing and lunch. A bus will take  you into Knobby Range road along from the Roxburgh dam .

It is slightly downhill Roxburgh to Alex direction. How come ,because the river flows down from Alex to Roxburgh. Well you are up in the hills  and will follow one of Alexandra’s early water schemes that failed , from the Speargrass dam finishing at the reservoir above the town clock , so down hill  Roxburgh to Alex.

 So a decent level of fitness to walk the 22km from Knobby Range to Alex from 9:30am.

Everyone else can meet at 1:00pm and we will head out on a local outing , or head into the hills and try to meet those coming from Roxburgh.

Duty pack this week M-Zs.

 PS John has created a webpage  for your harrier afternoon tea favourites. If you wish to add more recipes then either email to me or send to John T.


Hope to see you all at Centennial Park on Saturday