Friendly Flat Top Hill

Last  Saturday was another fine old harrier day , with 2 score and  more venturing down to Butchers Dam , for a chance to wander along that flat top.

Getting to the flat top however does require some climbing , you climb up one ridge ,only to find another higher up. Climb that one and there’s another.

 Must have been a bit of effort involved as we waited for our club captain and group to get back for a cuppa , as judging by the photo sent in, several members found it easier waiting at ground level. Thought we were going to have to leave Dave’s pack a torch to find their way home ,finally turning up around 4pm.

 Well the harrier season is fast drawing to a close. This Saturday we head for Naseby , so if you would like a ride in a bus ,meet corner Walton & Thompson

streets at  12:00 midday  with M-Zs duty pack this week. A fine sunny spring day has been booked in so remember your hat and sunblock.

 See you there