Is 45° S Really Halfway Between the Equator and the South Pole?

Well last Saturday the decision was made to move our harrier outing from Auripo , as the farmer was still shearing sheep on Saturday and wasn’t keen  on having runners and walkers complicating things. As I drove down the Ida Valley  today I did notice a road closed sign on Auripo Road ,so we may have had trouble getting there anyway.

 So a decision was made to change venue to the 45 Degrees south track, giving walkers and runners a chance to take in some lakeside tracks ,and sugarloaf tracks in the Lowburn area. I assume all went well as no details or photos received this week .Afternoon tea  must have been ok and for those requesting Jan Lett’s Lemon Square recipe see attached.

 This week we are operating a bit closer to home heading out to Clyde. So meet usual place and time, corner Walton & Thompson streets at 1:00pm and we will car pool out to Clyde. I am guessing we will go to the old Clyde railway station up Fraser Street (past the 4 square and hall ) A-Ls duty pack this week.

 The sun  has been booked in for Saturday so hope to see you all at Clyde then.