Basically Blackstone Hill

Greetings all once again

Last Saturday’s weather forecast was not that promising , with emails flying around the committee regarding other options , as once again the harriers attempted to get to Blackstone Hills. However although there was a lazy southerly breeze blowing  , there was no snow or rain falling , just a refreshing winters day.

Our club captain was taking in the sunshine in Dunedin whilst our president was trying to get orientated at Flat top reserve (an orienteering event at Flat Top eh )

 In fact leaving at the early time of midday day actually had us out walking or running by 1:00pm. The W3s ventured down the rail trail , our host Robert advising that the Ida Valley train station below once had double decker stock cars loading sheep to take to port Otago, one of the largest stations in use.

The W2s wandered along the water race before looping back to the bus. Care had to be taken by all groups as there was some muddy slippery sections of track around.

The remaining groups all headed up the hill , aiming for the summit and loop track. The runners once again found their balancing rock to play on.

The slower running pack took  some shortcuts  across some gullies to get across to the next ridgeline over (down cliffs more like it ) however everyone was back on time for that welcome cuppa. Host Robert also advised the tree on top of the ridge was a Kauri , which was interesting as there has been evidence of a Kauri forest on the top of the Old Man Range going back a year or two (Kauri gum deposits have been found up there ).

 Allen Hansen asked if anyone recognised the unidentified woman in the email about 3 weeks back (resent today ) , but did not appear to get any answers.

Does he know who she is or is he still guessing ?

We also have a picture sent in from a holidaying member, anyone care to guess where in the world it is ?

 This Saturday we may be back out the Ida Valley , to Auripo to take in the viaduct ,tunnels  or hills or combinations of .The bus will leave corner Walton & Thompson Streets at 12:30pm  with M-Zs duty pack this week . There is a bit of uncertainty about Auripo as the farmer may still be shearing sheep , so we may have to change things again. I will send another email out if things change.

 I am not sure I will be there this Saturday but at least it should be warmer than last Saturday