Royal visit to Como Villa

It seems there must be  a lot of you in Wellington to accept your Queens Birthday Honours list, as there were only about half as many members  compared to the previous week at harriers on Saturday.

I am never sure if I should go into Como Villa either, as there is  a sign on the mailbox saying “ No Workers “

Numbers down so just 3 groups this week , one of runners and  2 walking groups. All headed on down to the tailings area . The first photo attached is  a good illustration of what NOT TO DO.

Walking on the road near a corner and walkers scattered on both sides of the road.  There was a good shoulder to walk on or stick to the right side road edge. Any cars coming round the corner would not have known which group to aim for . (I did have some ideas on that )

 As usual there  were plenty of DOC marker posts  to choose from on the tailings. Some groups decided to head down to the river track or 4wd track by the river , but then discovered the river was very high and there were some substantial water hazards around. One runner was reported to be scampering along tree branches like a monkey to avoid the water.

The W2s decided to return via the 4wd track , taking a break in the dredge buckets , before spotting the W1s descending from  above. They then found they had to backtrack as many were not keen on a swim through the water on the track. They lost 2 members who merged with the W1s when they met up (Weather or not they realised they were walking with a different group I am not sure )

They lost another 2 at the water feature when they took the track marked “ shortcut back to buckets” , but they did wait at the buckets until they spotted the rest of the group appear in the distance.

 So everyone was back at Commo Villa by about 3:15  for that welcome cuppa.. And the attendance book  was back.

 For those who want to put their names down for the harrier dinner on 6 July at the district club click on the link below. Enter your name etc and then close, it should automatically save it all

 Mid Winter Dinner, this link has been disabled for internet safety reasons.   

And remember to put your $45 into the harrier bank account, putting your name down in reference field

 And then for those wanting to put their names down for the weekend away 22-23 June at Sutton , click on this link

  Weekend Away, this link has been disabled for internet safety reasons.

 This Saturday we head to Bannockburn ,meet corner Walton & Thompson streets at 1:00pm to catch the bus with M-Zs duty pack.

 Not sure how many will be there as winter has now arrived and many members seem to be like migrating birds, flying away overseas for warmer climes.

I am back on call for work this week so will not be there either but have a good outing anyway. Any spy reports from Bannockburn will be gratefully received.