Conroys Gully

Well last week I promised better weather than the previous week at Matakanui. We Achieved this just !  a frosty start and then cloudy day but no rain and the sun did make a brief appearance as we were leaving the pub. Still a pleasant enough day   to explore the  Conroys dam area.

About 2 car loads headed out in the morning to make their way up to Castle Rock and to explore some briar and bramble bushes. Allen Hansen sent in a photo entitled guess who ? I am guessing not a photo taken up in the hills, guesses to be directed to Allen on Saturday.

 Meantime  a couple score of walkers and runners headed out to Conroys dam at 1pm. The sheep blindly followed the trailer out , not realising that the driver was too busy talking in the truck  to realise they had missed Chapman road turnoff before having to execute a U turn.

 Things were definitely wet and muddy underfoot   with 3 walking groups heading off in different directions. One group of walkers went in a photo that shows a lot of bull being spread around.

The runners made it up to Castle rock and return whilst a couple of walkers in one group are obviously looking  to join the runners soon, taking off with the slow runners passing by ,before getting a sniff of afternoon tea and taking off for the finish line.

 Due to a number of requests , Ewan has shared his secret oat slice recipe with you. Billy stayed alight this week and plenty of water in the billy for that cuppa .

 This week we meet corner Walton & Thompson streets at the earlier time of 12:00 midday to catch the bus to Blackstone Hills in the Ida Valley with M-Zs duty pack this week.

 The following week will be the Clyde Alex 10km road races and  I guess Barrie will still be looking for grocery items to be donated to his Grocery hamper raffle, box will be in the club trailer.

 Weather is still a bit unsettled ,hopefully we will get our harrier outing in before any showers turn up on Saturday

 See you then