Wanaka Wandering, or Bust!!

Well ,it just goes to show you should not always believe the weather forecast on tv.  After changing venues from Blackstone Hills due to snow  (again ) around 38 members went on up to Wanaka , finally deciding on taking off from Albertown DOC camp.

Pleasant temperatures and bluish  skies were perfect for a harrier outing. About 18ish got off the bus at the Albertown State Highway  corner and headed on up to Mount Iron , before finding their way back to camp.

Another group of walkers headed across the road and up in the Hawea River track area , finding some Kanuka and wetlands area , although I thought any area under a bridge could be decribed as wetlands.

 One group of runners went up the outlet track and looped back to camp whilst the slower runners stayed on the Deans Bank track.

Everyone made it back to the bus  by about 3:30pm for that welcome cuppa , just in time as  it started to cloud over and cool down.

 In our email  last week Allen Hansen sent a photo of a woman with Guess Who ?  Did Diane guess his girlfriend and give him  a black eye and that was why he wasn’t there to answer the question ?  Perhaps we will find out this week.

 Looks like Janice’s Choc Fudge slice was a hit , due to many requests ,recipe attached so we should be seeing more of it  eh!

 This Saturday is our annual Clyde Alexandra 10km road races. So the competitive members will no doubt be out there competing in the event.

Your committee have had a 10k meeting tonight ,hence the reason your weekly email is a day late.

At this stage we have about 250 entries so similar numbers to last year.

 Marshalls and helpers briefing to be held at finish line at 11:00am  so Bill would like volunteers to be there at this time.

One of the reasons we have partnered with BG Events , is the tougher controls placed on events on public roads with traffic management , it is becoming very difficult for volunteers to be used on the roads  and so we have to use professional traffic managers out there. So if we do use volunteers ,they must take part in the briefing process. So please be there at 11:00am

 If anyone is  at a loose end on Saturday morning feel free to wander over to the finish area , you may get volunteered to do something.

For those of you not volunteering or competing in the event ,feel free to come on down to the grassy area opposite the ice rink at the finish line  to help create some atmosphere at the finish area .Races start at 1:00pm.

.I will have my work cut out for me ,trying to sort the weather out for Saturday afternoon with the weather god , as the bloomin weather forecasters  are predictin a damp day.

 Hope to see you all on Saturday