Fruitlands Fantastic Frolic

Greeting runners and walkers

Last Saturday was another popular outing on the Harrier calendar  with around 50 members heading for Fruitlands.

Allen Hansen led a  group of about a dozen walkers out in the morning from Sheepshead through to Mitchells cottage at Fruitlands. Just where they went to I’m unsure as no one else reported seeing this group on their travels,

However from the photos supplied we can see them rustling up a mob of Merinos , and then Allen wielding a big stick to encourage his group over the water.

 The remaining walkers and runners headed out on the bus at 1pm ,getting dropped off at Sheepshead gates. The W1s &2s walked over the track ,until the W1s veered off around the last chance water race , whilst the W2s stuck to the track. A group of 3 runners also ran over the track , many wondering if one of them was ok, for running in bare feet. Probably spent Sunday picking prickles out of his feet.

The remaining runners and W3 walkers set off from Mitchells cottage. Heading out was into a strong brisk wind but by the time everyone got back for a cuppa ,the wind had dropped and warmed a little.

A native falcon landed in the pine tree at the cottage to keep an eagle eye on afternoon tea.

 Where’s the attendance book ? Well, let us just say the buck was passed on several times. Seems someone put his car keys on top of the book so he wouldn’t forget it. He did remember the car keys.

So for those who want to put their names down for the harrier dinner on 6 July at the district club click on the link below. Enter your name etc and then close, it should automatically save it all

 Mid Winter Dinner, this link has been disabled for internet safety reasons.

 And then for those wanting to put their names down for the weekend away 22-23 June click on this link

  Weekend Away, this link has been disabled for internet safety reasons.

 So this Saturday is Queens birthday weekend ,so please all meet usual place and time 1:00pm corner Walton & Thompson streets and we will car pool out to Como Villa estate

Duty pack this week are the A-Ls . We normally head down to the tailings area and river track so you should not have to worry about wet feet this week.

However as the season starts to cool down , remember to dress warmly for the cooler conditions , remember those thermal layers .

 Hope to see you all there