Well I’m not sure if it was because I was not there , or perhaps it was the thought the weather could be better than in Alex. Regardless ,a bus load and 2 car loads of walkers and runners headed out to the Ida Valley last Saturday.

They were rewarded with temperatures  above  0  and some sunshine , with most groups venturing past the Golden Progress Mine  at some stage in their  outings although no reports of anyone striking a rich seam. Most groups wandered along the hill above Oturehua at some stage as well before descending back to Oturehua for that welcome cuppa.

 This Saturday is closer to home .We will meet usual place and time ,corner Walton & Thompson streets at 1:00pm to car pool out to Omeo Gully with M-Zs duty pack this week. No doubt some will be saving themselves for the annual club dinner.

Club dinner at the Alexandra District Club starts at 6:30pm , with dinner scheduled to be served at 7:00pm with music available to those who wish to dance the night away.

 AHWC Volunteer Roles for 2019, 10km Road Race. . If people read and reply to me at Jojoes@xtra.co.nz, or next Saturday…..

Cheers,  Jojo


Starter @Clyde Dam x2, Starter @ Muttontown Road x1, Stop/go, x2,

Marshalls; (Matau Cnr Clyde), (Sunderland/Hospital/Muttontown Cnr x2-3), (Turn runners into Finish), (Cnr Muttontown/SH8 Cnr), (‘Go-fer’ At finish line), (Drinks station @ Muttontown x2).

Kid’s race Marshalls, x7-10

Registration, x3; Kelly. Geoff, Sarah, Emma

Prize Giving; Kelly, Geoff, Emma

Timing; Lara

?Any others?

 I have booked in another partly cloudy day for Saturday , just so you will appreciate those blue sky days even more.

See you Saturday