Mighty Merino Ridges

Well as you can see harrier day had some runners on top of the world ,or at least on top of a big sarsen stone. About 8 walkers made a day of it ,aiming to climb to the top of Rough Ridge. As you can see in the photos a mix of blue skies and  damp looking clouds throughout the day.

Which is about when the remaining 3 dozen or so walkers and runners arrived  at Merino Ridges. Despite a couple of spots of moisture , it soon disappeared  although that breeze was still invigorating in exposed areas.

 So most groups made it up into the sarsen stones and small dams in the area, although mein german friend vundered who de nosey people ver poking around his cottage. The landowners little foxy had a big walk for the day, following the morning walkers up the hill, then decided to follow the runners around as well.

 Unfortunately that sneaky breeze had blown out the billy on our return , and there wasn’t enough time to heat enough water for everyone to get a cuppa.

One would think there was a ghost convention on, going by all the groaning and moaning.

 This week is another early start, meet 12:30pm corner Walton & Thompson streets to catch the bus out to Matakanui with M-Zs duty pack this week.

 Clyde Alex 10km race is fast approaching

 Clyde Alex 10km Raffle grocery hamper. Barrie organises a grocery hamper raffle for the 10 km so would like members to bring along a non perishable grocery item to donate to the raffle. There were not many items left in his grocery box last week .

 And still looking for some volunteers to help at 10k ,list will be with attendance book on the bus this Saturday

 Weather is still in winter mode ,long range  weather god prediction is for a chance of cloudy skies this Saturday so we will have to make the most of it.

Landowners advise there could be some shooters in the area as well ,so if there is anyone annoying in your group, we may be able to send them into the right area.

 Hope to see you all at Matakanui