Matakanui, or Bust!

Greetings walkers and runners.

Well it was just the hard core who ventured out to Matakanui last Saturday , but turns out there were nearly 30 mad enough to head out on the bus.

And in fact the weather looked worse than it actually was. There was a damp feeling to the air ,but no real rain.

There  was concern the previous week when the billy blew out , so the word went out, make sure the billy doesn’t blow out this week.

Hmmm where’s the water ,Hey Ewan is the water in the back of your car. Luckily a tap was found nearby and the water did get a good boil.

That old Turkey award  was just itchin to find a new home.

 Everyone went to the Matakanui township ,with the runners and W1s heading up into the hills. The W2s &3s headed across the gold workings area before heading up Thomson’s gorge to the weir and returning.  It was a good chance to get muddy footwear and splash in the puddles. And a chance to count the wild  goats (ran out of fingers and toes to count) so lots. Slippery in places under foot with some reports of slip slidin away .

 This week we go more  local out to Conroys Dam. Please meet 1:00pm corner Walton & Thompson streets to car pool out with A-Ls duty pack this week

The farmer advises there may be some bulls on the western side of the dam but they are unlikely to join you on your outing, but may be curious

For those wanting a longer walk ,John Thompson will lead a group out at 10:30am , presumably heading up to Castle rock area. Bring your lunch and warm clothing.

 Clyde Alex 10km road races are fast approaching .

Remember to bring a grocery item along for Barrie’s 10k Race raffle grocery hamper

 And we could still use a few more volunteers for helping out at 10k race , list will be with attendance book or email president Jo at

 That’s about it for another week. I promise better weather this week compared to last week so no excuses

See you there