Omeo Gully Gallavant

Well despite the earlier weather forecasts, the weather god delivered another Central Otago Blue sky winter day for the harriers at Omeo Gully

Around 50 members car pooled out, including one who didn’t read last week’s email and thought it was an outing from Centennial park. Lucky they caught the last vehicle leaving.

The walkers veered left up Omeo Gully ,climbing up the ridges to get some great views of the Alexandra basin. The W1s got up amongst those great Schist Tors whilst the W2s apparently took a liking to the briar patch.

The runners meantime veered right up Omeo Gully ,hitting the Fraser Dam road on their return. The B running pack (they have promoted themselves from D to B pack seeing as there are only 2 running groups these days ) encountered some local wildlife on their trek round ,including 2 fallow deer ,1 large hare and a  half dozen Mustang Sallys (horses eh ! )

I am not sure where the W3s got to, I suspect back along the road ,maybe down Hawley Road.

Come evening members ventured down to the Alex District club for the annual harrier dinner. Judging by the empty plates going back in , I am going to say everyone enjoyed their meal. People started sneaking away fairly early so I think safe to say no one was at risk of turning into a pumpkin.

This Saturday we head out to Merino Ridges in the Ida Valley , bus will leave corner Walton & Thompson Streets at 12:30pm with A-Ls duty pack this week.

John Thompson will lead a group out at 10:00am and car pool out for those wanting a longer walk. Remember to bring your lunch and warm clothing.

Also our treasurer John would like to remind members they should have paid their subs by now , so if you have not paid yet ,get onto in now to avoid a visit from the enforcement team.

Clyde Alex 10km race fast approaching still need some more volunteers

AHWC Volunteer Roles for 2019, 10km Road Race. . If people read and reply to me at, or next Saturday…..

Cheers,  Jojo


Starter @Clyde Dam x2, Starter @ Muttontown Road x1, Stop/go, x2,

Marshalls; (Matau Cnr Clyde), (Sunderland/Hospital/Muttontown Cnr x2-3), (Turn runners into Finish), (Cnr Muttontown/SH8 Cnr), (‘Go-fer’ At finish line), (Drinks station @ Muttontown x2).

Kid’s race Marshalls, x7-10

Registration, x3; Kelly. Geoff, Sarah, Emma

Prize Giving; Kelly, Geoff, Emma

Clyde Alex 10km Raffle grocery hamper. Barrie organises a grocery hamper raffle for the 10 km so from this Saturday would like members to bring along a non perishable grocery item to donate to the raffle.

That’s about it for another week ,hopefully the weather plays ball again and I will see you there