Olrig to Ophir or Otherwise

Well Saturday was a bit on the cloudy side, not too many rays of sunshine beaming down on the harriers for their outing Olrig to Ophir.

About a dozen  walkers headed out to Olrig Station Saturday morning to walk the 19km over the hill to Ophir. From the photos supplied they must have been really high, up in the clouds.

At 1:00pm the remaining walkers and runners boarded the bus ,the walkers getting off at Chatto Creek. Some followed the rail trail back to Olrig whilst another group turned off at the Bridge and came back cross country. 3 Runners stayed on the bus out to Ophir and ran back , getting back to Olrig just before 4 pm.

 Another small but select group went direct out to Olrig to put the billy on for afternoon tea  before heading up the track for a walk and run.

 This weekend a group will head down to the Middlemarch area for a wander in that area. For those going there I have attached a link above showing the facilities at camp Sutton. Club captain David will be in direct contact this week with further details.

We also need numbers going to club dinner at the District Club very soon to finalise catering arrangements. Click on the link below and enter your name on the dinner list , it will save your details automatically. And remember to pay treasurer $45 per person ( that’s with your Gold Card discount.)  This includes special license to drink there as well as  a band to entertain you all.

 Mid Winter Dinner

 For those members who did the first aid course last month , Maryon has received certificates for those who passed the course, catch up with her over the next couple of weeks to collect your certificate.

 Clyde  Alex 10km race 10 August

As indicated on earlier emails we have made changes to the event ,entering a partnership with BG Events.

So they will handle traffic management , we are not doing afternoon tea this year. We will still need about 20 or so volunteers to marshall 10km event as well as kids 2km & 4km races. BG events will handle entries registration and results. Monteiths has come on board as sponsor and so 10km prize giving will be at Monteiths this year.

A list for volunteers will be out in the next week or so, but we should need half the number we have needed in  previous years.

We will try to keep you all informed as we work through who will be doing what this year.

 This should mean more of you will have the opportunity to participate in the event, entries are now open at  https://www.alexharriers.co.nz/

 For those not going away this weekend ,turn up as usual at 1:00pm corner Walton & Thompson streets for a lively local outing with M-Zs duty pack

We will car pool just out of town somewhere. Hopefully we will get a bit more sunshine compared to last weekend

 See you there