Little Valley Lollop

Well it was a bit of a gloomy cloudy week last week ,although the sun did appear on Friday. Saturday dawned foggy again but my midday the cloud had lifted and by harrier time there was a patch of blue in the sky.

About 17 walkers  left town about 11:30am to walk  out to Little Valley by various routes , John Thompson leading a group of W1 walkers and Barb Hall leading some W2s.

 Everyone else met at 1pm ,with a small group of runners running from town to Little Valley. Reports came back that they were lucky they  had Greg Hunter with them  to direct them back onto the correct track

Another group of walkers got off the bus at the triangle to continue out to Little Valley

Which meant there were not too many left on the bus to walk or run from Little Valley. Everyone managed to time it back to the woolshed by 3:30pm for a welcome cuppa.

 One group claimed to have spotted a moa footprint in a creek bed , whilst also disturbing a group of 5 red deer hinds in one of the gullies.

Little Valley continues to be a popular venue with a full bus and 2 cars required to get everyone back to town.

 I will not mention any names but one person thought they  had lost their phone at Little Valley, so went home to collect their vehicle to drive back out .At home they tried ringing the phone and guess where the

cell phone was. Maybe someone had left it at home in the first place. It seems as we get older our memories can be a bit like , oh you know, the thing in your kitchen drawer that drains stuff away . Oh yeah ,a sieve.

 Harrier Notes

22 June mid winter trip away will be down Middlemarch way at Sutton Camp

For those interested, thinking is to car pool down either Friday night or Saturday morning ,accommodation $70 includes meal on Saturday night

So you will need own food for Friday night,  Saturday brekie, lunch ,  Sunday brekie

Bunks and  beds ,maximum 26 available , bring sleeping bag or bedding ,towel, pillowcase.

Pay driver of vehicle $20 so total cost will be $90

Hopefully someone will be organised to have a list with attendance book next few weeks.

 6 July mid winter dinner at Alex District club,  cost and menu still to be confirmed ,advised will be KISS version evening  (-keep it simple stupid )

 10 August Clyde Alex 10km Road Race  changes are afoot, the club will be  in a joint venture with BG events this year , so the event is still on , but we will not be organising traffic management and some other aspects

BG Events will be looking after some parts of the race  ,but we will still need to provide marshals on the day. More details will be revealed as we work things out next month.

 This Saturday we are off to Waikerikeri. Meet at 1:00pm corner Walton & Thompson streets and we will car pool out. Plan is to go to end of Waikerikeri road  ,ATC  camp and head from there.

A-Ls duty pack  There is a chance of crossing creeks in this area so bring a change of dry footwear to keep your footsies warm.

 Can’t promise sunshine but shouldn’t be any rain. Hopefully I can make it and see you all there.