Fraser Weir

Greetings once again runners and walkers

 Despite the weather forecast being for rain, we managed to get it all out of the way before harrier time last Saturday

A group of walkers headed out early to take in a longer walk. Everyone else  car pooled out at 1 pm to explore where  the road to Fraser Weir went , as well as some of the hill tracks

The sensible W3 s kept to lower altitudes but it was a fine day to take in the autumn colours wherever one went.

 I spent the day working ,no faults all week ,then they all poured in on Saturday. So it was a damp start to the day for me , but it did warm up on Alphaburn above Glendu Bay by 1pm.

 So I have no tales to tell this week as no one has spilled the beans as to what went on at harriers.

 This Saturday we will jump on a bus to Arrowtown ,departing at 12:00 midday with A-Ls duty pack this week. The weather has been booked in, the autumn colours have not yet been knocked off the trees by the tourists so it should be another grand harrier outing

 Reminder from treasurer subs should have been  paid by now $40 to account 031733 0004935 00 and remember to put your name down as reference so our treasurer knows who is donating money to us.

 Not on call this week so should see you all at Arrowtown