It was a fine Saturday autumnal day as a bus load of harriers headed on up to Northburn .

Once there most groups headed up the tracks to the north of the homestead , taking in the views and the chance to explore some hills, valleys and gullies  and judging by the photos a water race

Most groups were back at the bus by about 3pm for afternoon tea ,except for the W1s who went searching for the Bendigo pub. Well , they were late back anyway, but it was a pleasant afternoon for a wander.

 The full bus load were joined by one walker running late from Wanaka, one old codger who escaped the Cromwell retirement village (good to see you Max ) and Peter who didn’t read the email or syllabus and turned up at 1pm to catch the bus. He made up for though by catching up to the W1 walking group.

 This week is Easter so you are all free to get in a training walk or run over the long weekend. On the 27th the Harriers will head to the Fraser Weir , I will put a reminder out next week.

 Till next week