Opening Day 2019

Greetings walkers and runners.

Well it seems I can write any old rubbish in these emails and get away with it.  A couple of weeks back I joked that Jill Paulin had been elected president

And Jill reports she had several people congratulating her on her presidency (obviously they never read the next line in the email ) At least Jill got the joke.

 So Saturday was a fine sunny day to welcome the opening day of the 2019 harrier season. About 45-50 folk turned out for a local outing

Most groups heading over the Shaky bridge and taking in the river track and  or hill tracks in the area. The W3s had to be different  wandering around on the other side of the river to the other groups.

Not sure if everyone was taking it easy or if they were scared of the new president Jo , as everyone was back on time at 3pm for afternoon tea as requested, no late groups back this week.

 The syllabus for 2019 is now available ,printed copies were handed out on Saturday, a pdf copy is attached

 This week we head to Northburn , just north of Cromwell . Meet corner Walton & Thompson streets to catch a ride on the bus at the earlier time of 12:30 pm, with those with surnames starting with A-L duty pack this week.

 If anyone would like to be removed from the harrier email list ,email back and for a small bribe (eg fresh Bluff oysters or Blue cod fillets )  your name will be removed.

(It’s worth a try I reckon )

 So sunshine booked in for this Saturday so hope to see you all there.