Tiger Hill Trek (alias Olrig to Ophir or return)

Around 50 people turned out for the annual trek to or from Olrig Station.

18 people started on the Tiger Hill road from Olrig but only 17 made it to Ophir after one of the participants decided that her recent spell in hospital had reduced her fitness level to the point at which she felt she couldn't continue. A wise decision and there were a couple of others who probably regretted not doing the same.

A slight miscalculation at a track junction saw the leading group heading off in the wrong direction which allowed the tail-enders to catch up at the next gateway.

The 17 km of strong head winds and hills were a challenge to the walkers but of benefit to the group of runners who started from Ophir heading in the opposite direction.

About 12 W3 walkers avoided the attractions of the Chatto Creek pub and 18 or so W2 walkers also avoided the same hostelry as they passed on their walk from Tiger Hill back to Olrig.

They had quite a hungry wait for the walkers to return from Ophir with most of the afternoon tea on the bus.

The runners arrived at Olrig, aided by the tail wind, just a few minutes after the return of the bus from Ophir.

This week we are off to Bannockburn for a walk around the sluicing’s and beyond.

The bus will leave Thompson Street at 1.00 pm with the M - Z group on duty.