Lively Local

Well about 40 members turned up for a local outing from the Alex Bowling club at Molyneux Park on Saturday.  It has been  a grey old cloudy winter so far this year , so some weak sunshine breaking through the clouds helped to brighten the day.

A group of keen walkers met earlier and walked down the Doctors Point track ,before climbing up over the ridge to the trig station ,before returning back down Graveyard Gully.

The W3 walkers headed downstream towards town whilst the W2s headed upstream to the Ngapara pools area, also taking in the area behind wastebusters where our club captain finally managed to find an old pressure cooker he has been looking for. Rumour has it that one member of the W2s was very keen to have a very close inspection of the ground on their walk .

The runners  took off along the rail trail. The faster runners went up Hillview road ,across the airport to Springvale road ,before heading back along the water race and back to the rail trail. The slower runners took in Airport road before heading back along the main road and the Pines area.

All decided it was very civilised to sit in a warm lounge area to enjoy that welcome cuppa at the ABC. There was a comment made about the age of  bowlers , but perhaps one should look in the mirror  at the average age of harrier club members now , not too many spring chickens around. I wouldn’t go so far as to say there are a lot of old goats, but the kids sure do have a lot of experience.

This Saturday we are heading to Northburn Station past Cromwell. Meet corner Walton & Thompson Streets at the earlier time of 12:30pm to catch the bus with M-Zs duty pack this week. If you want picked up by the bus bottom of Clyde hill or Cromwell bridge then contact bus driver  Dave Beer.

The club’s new website is back up and running , click on link to check it out

I will see if I can rustle up some more sunshine for this Saturday  so hope to see you there.