Earnscleugh (Como Villa)

Greetings yet again walkers and runners.

Queen's Birthday weekend was not the sunniest of weekends, with cloudy skies and cold temperatures. Just as well we were not at Fruitlands this week as there were hoar frost conditions down there. Numbers were down on the last couple of weeks with a bit over 30 members heading out to Coma Villa at Earnscleugh.


About 30 or so turned up to prune the grape vines for Johnny, but we got to the gate where we were met by a big sign saying no workers needed, so we went off for a walk or run instead.

Pretty much everyone headed down Marshall Road and covered the river track and or the tailings area. No one seemed too keen to stay out and about in the low temperatures, so most were back for a cuppa by about 3:00pm. Iā€™m told we have a couple of swingers in the club as the photo shows.