Greetings walkers and runners.

Last Saturday was another popular harrier outing from Sheepshead through to Mitchells Cottage at Fruitlands. Just over 50 members made the journey there.

Most groups started from Conroys Road, walking over the farm tracks to Mitchells Cottage. The W1s also took in the Last Chance water race as well - they were given one last chance to grab a quick cuppa as they were late back for afternoon tea. Denise was disappointed not to put her pet hippo to use on this walk.

The W3 walkers and some runners went to Mitchells Cottage on the bus and took in the Last Chance race. The runners headed back along the track to meet up with those coming from Sheepshead, before heading on to the water race and back.


Everyone must have learnt how to walk on water, or else the creek crossing was not so bad this year as I did not detect wet feet sloshing around at the cottage. As usual there was a very bracing breeze, making itself felt at afternoon tea.