Lake Hayes

Greetings harriers


Well it seems I need a new job that doesn’t interfere with my harrier days, as I was unable to make it again on Saturday. But I was not alone in not making it to harriers, but then it was a cold drizzly old day all over Central.

Twenty-seven members went to Lake Hayes and everyone did the 8 km lake loop in the light drizzle and 6 degrees, the four runners doing a little extra. Everyone was well prepared for the weather with coats, hats, thermals etc. so there were no problems with cold people.


David drove the bus, which got really steamy for a while but then the heating system seemed to handle things later on. We had a minor issue on trying to leave, something to do with the having your foot on the brake while selecting gears – the committee of drivers [David, Allen and John] sorted it. 

Then going up the one-lane track to get back on the road we met two rental cars coming down. The first one managed to reverse back and pull over but the next one seemed to have no idea what reverse was for. Betty got out of the bus and reversed the car back and out of the way for the non-reversing tourist.