Fraser Weir


Oh where, oh where can the Fraser Weir be?

Last Saturday the harriers headed out to the Fraser Weir area for a walk and run. At last week’s committee meeting I was told, “Don’t mention the Fraser Domain in your weekly email, otherwise people will end up there.” Unfortunately I was called out to work just after 11am so was unable to make it to harriers. However I did receive a couple of phone calls after 1pm. 

"We’re at the Fraser Domain and no one’s here."  

"That’s because you should be at the Fraser Weir."

"Where’s that?"


So I can make a guess and say some got a bit geographically discombobulated on Saturday.

One group were late getting back heading up onto the top of the range (insert appropriate walking or running group here). Meantime the rest enjoyed the view of autumn colours with clues left behind for those following as to where to go.

Blue skies but a little breezy at times.