Ngapara Pools

Greetings all. Spring has sprung so hopefully things will start to warm up from now.

Last Saturday we had a local outing departing from the old swimming pool area. Most groups took a wander up the right bank of the Clutha River, heading up to the dump and then thru some of the 4wd club tracks around the Ngapara pools. I can verify that there is a maze of tracks in this area, some that seem to go round in circles. The good news (or bad) is that everyone managed to find their way out again. Some ventured out and around the pines area, whilst others returned the way they came.

With a turnout in the mid 40s, it is clear it’s still too early for the garden, so harriers it is. Those back on time managed to enjoy Pam Chapman's chocolate birthday cake, skilfully baked by the New World bakers, for afternoon tea.