Hi all

Saturday dawned under blue skies, so it was no surprise we had a full bus load of harriers keen for a meander around the Matakanui area.

My kidding around last week of old goats and such like seemed to have a flow on effect this week. As one of the running packs took off, they were closely followed by a black goat, keen to push them along. John did his best to turn the goat around, without getting butted too much. The goat obliged, but then insisted on following the walking group for quite some time on their travels.

All groups wandered around the tracks in the area, somewhat muddy underfoot in places. The other running group spotted another large mob of goats up Thomsons Creek.

All groups  appeared to be back at the bus in good time, obviously saving themselves for the harrier dinner at the District Club later on.

So there appeared to be many leis and relaxed beach goers at the harrier dinner. A special thanks to Glenda Thompson for organising the dinner, as well as Lois Park and Jan Bird for decorating the room. (Iā€™m guessing Bob & Merv also got dragged in to assist.) After dinner it was time to dance the night away. And then I will not say some old goats came out to play. But I will say some very experienced kids made full use of the beach balls, although they did appear to have trouble deciding which particular game they were playing. An enjoyable night for all concerned.