Conroys Gully

Well, it seems our local weather god is on a roll. Despite wet weather forecast earlier in the week, it turned out to be a cracker spring day, 18 degrees. Just about warm enough for a cool off in Conroys Dam after a walk or run in the area.

It was another great turn out (well I wasn’t there but it was a beaut day, so should have been a good turnout). I did hear about 18 walkers did the long walk up to one tree hut, on up to Castle Rock, threw a couple down into Earnscleugh cave, before descending back to the dam. I did hear they started with 17 and finished with 18, I’m sure they should have lost a couple along the way, they obviously got their maths wrong.

As we enter spring, the days will be getting a little longer and warmer. It also means lambing time, so it will be off the farms and our outings till the end of the season will now be on public land or the DOC estate.