Flat Top Hill

Well, I guess someone must have actually prayed to the local weather God, as despite the forecast being for showers and cold southerlies, Harrierday turned out to be a pleasant spring day.

A late decision had to be made to change Saturday’s venue to Flat Top Hill Conservation Area at Butchers Dam. It seems unlikely we will return to Rough Ridge.

Most groups took one of the tracks from Butchers Dam up to Flat Top Hill (just not that flat getting there) and had a good wander around. Someone had very kindly marked out our track with arrows all the way round. Unfortunately they were all pointing in the wrong direction, so we changed them round to face the right way. (That was a joke Joe, no need to go and switch them back.)

It was another good turn out of 40-50 bodies for a harrier outing, we just had to dodge the occasional mountain biker along the way. All groups were back pretty much on time for smoko.