Clyde to Alexandra Road Race

Last weekend saw the 49th annual Clyde Alexandra road race completed successfully.

A great big thank you to all of you who helped out to make the day another success. I will not mention names as too easy to miss someone.

However we can say thanks to the team handling entries and registrations, the catering team making sandwiches, serving afternoon tea and cleaning up afterwards, the marshals and drink station teams, those setting up traffic management, putting signs and cones out and bringing them back in afterwards, those setting up tents and race chutes, marking out courses and of course cleaning up afterwards. And pilot and chase vehicles. All up we needed 40 or so volunteers to make the day a success.

So a Big Thank You everyone.

We even managed to get several walkers and runners to compete in the race as well. Thanks also to the local weather god, although there were reports of it being a little breezy at the start.

For those wondering how we held the 49th Clyde Alex race when the Harrier club isn’t that old, the answer is in the early days the harrier group operated as the winter section of the Alexandra Amateur Athletic club until 1977. On a run in 1977, the members decided to form their own club, resulting in the Alexandra Harrier Club Inc. being registered in 1978.

In 1969 & 1970 the race was a local Alexandra club event only, of 6 miles, from 1971 opening up to other Otago Southland clubs. In 1981 the event was changed from 6 miles to 10km and in 1982 the Clyde Alex was the first 10km event opened up to women competitors. In 1994 the event was opened up to recreational walkers. The following year 1995 saw the course changed to the present course .