Local Outing

Last Saturday was a typical harrier day, blue skies, sunshine but still a little brisk in the shade. 30 something harriers turned up for a local outing this Saturday again.

Most groups took in at least part of one of the river tracks, whether that be upstream or downstream from Alex, some on left hand side and some on right hand side.

Most managed to find a hill somewhere as well, above Doctors Point track or along Tucker Hill. All groups found their way back to Centennial Park, even the W1s eventually. Not sure who kept them out so late.

The runners on the Doctors Point track also disturbed a couple of goats. Iā€™m pretty sure the walkers had already turned off the track by this stage.

It seems they all had plenty of time to take photos as well. Speaking of photos, your local news reporter Bec has taken a number of photos when on harrier outings and has set up a web page.

Click on link to peruse photos   https://www.endlessitinerary.com/harriers     It seems she has been reluctant to include all the old goats spotted on these outings, so I have included a photo of a goat.