Old Clyde Railway Station

Well, I didn’t make to harriers on Saturday, along  with a number of other members. SO what went on? Read on McDuff.

A smaller group of 36 walkers and runners this week started from the Old Clyde Railway Station following the walkways to Trail Journeys then along Springvale Road to Hawk Flight (just past the Stone House orchard) before heading for the hills. Both groups were given maps and instructions, but the W1s appeared to be geographically challenged as they were seen heading up the drive to a residence rather than following the map's instructions. After all real blokes don't read maps do they? They were last seen climbing fences and battling their way uphill through knee high thyme.

Meanwhile, the W2s and W3s, under the leadership of the Club Captain, followed the map and had a very pleasant stroll past an old hunters hut, past multi-storey bunny residences, gently climbing up a small valley eventually to Coal Pit Road. (How many Coal Pit Roads are there in Central??) From Coal Pit Road, the group made their way down past the reservoirs used in the Clyde Dam construction to the main highway and the Observation Lookout. It was then a pleasant stroll down the lookout track, back to the railway station where the cup of tea was ready and waiting.

Meanwhile the runners headed off in their own direction (to who knows where?). Everyone was back on time.

Well, that’s not too bad for a report considering I wasn’t there. Am I psychic ? Nah, just had a good report from club captain David.