McArthur Ridge

Well last week’s email I just made up, guessing one group was late back. And surprise, surprise if I didn’t get it right, one of the walking groups was late back. At times harriers can be quite predictable.

It is the middle of winter, so no surprise it has been pretty cool this past week. So despite another good frost and a bit of fog, by Harrier time the skies were blue and the sun was shining, even if someone had turned the heating function down to low.

Around 50ish walkers and runners turned up at the DeBeer estate, hoping to make their fortune by picking up a few stray diamonds lying around. Only for reality to kick in and we were actually at D. Beer‘s residence in amongst McArthur Ridge vine yard. No diamonds, a bit of gravel in the petanque pit and a lot of grape vines.

So all groups wandered around or through the vineyard, although many seemed quite keen to be back in plenty of time for afternoon tea.

Seems no one is getting any younger, as a couple of birthdays were announced. At least the happy birthday singing seems to be getting better.