Merino Ridges / German Hills

Well, it seems many of you did not do enough praying to the local weather god last Saturday. Either that or you are a practical lot and a jacket or brolly does the job for you. Whatever the case may be, only about 30 something mugs turned up for a walk or run at Merino Ridges at the Poolburn end of the Ida Valley. I mean, we even arranged to have the power turned off at Clyde to encourage a few more out for a walk.

Those who stayed home in Alex had more rain than those out walking in the German Hills. Conditions were grey overhead and there was a definite hint of moisture in the air, but the rain did not really come in until cuppa tea time where members sheltered under the implement shed.

So all groups managed to explore some of the Sarsen Stones just lying around, although wet grass resulted in a lot of wet feet. Those who have been around harriers for a while were wise enough to bring along a set of dry footwear.

There appeared to be a lot of hot air on the bus as all the windows fogged up, just a pity our driver couldn’t direct it onto the windscreen so he could see where he was going. Perhaps Go Bus need to invest in a windscreen wiper for the inside as well as the outside. A couple of walkers got some extra exercise wiping the windscreen for him.