Waikerikeri Valley

Saturday morning was cloudy and cool, but by Harrier time ,just after 1:00pm the skies cleared and the sun made an appearance for a walk or run in the Waikerikeri Valley. Not that it was super tropical, but the sun did create the illusion of warmth. Proving to still be a popular venue, around 50 turned up for a walk or run.

Most groups headed on up onto the terrace behind the woolshed, heading towards Clyde and looping round one of several tracks. Another walking group headed on up to a trig station somewhere thereabout.

It seems the smell of a freshly brewed pot of tea was too hard to resist as most groups were back by 3:15pm for a cuppa.

With a large area of the terrace having been cleared and cultivated, some of the usual landmarks in the area have now disappeared, so we will need some new navigation landmarks going forward.