Mystery Trip

Saturday, blue skies, sun shining. Must be a harrier day. Add in a bit of mystery and you have a good turnout of members looking for a walk or run somewhere new, about 3 score or 60 turning up.                                                                    

This outing was originally planned for 17 June, but the farmer was concerned it could be icy or snowy that time of year, so we brought it forward to 20th May. What happens but we get an early snowfall in May and had to put it back to June. Should have known our local weather god would sort out a great day in June.

So the bus took a load of harriers to Gardyne’s Ida Valley Station, as well as a couple of car loads, to explore the Blackstone Hills. Judging from the photos, the W1s headed on up into the hills (have heard mutterings about the leader taking them up the hill and back down a cliff, this could be a slight exaggeration). The runners had a bit of snow under foot but they still had time to practise their circus balancing act.