Saturday was down as a mystery outing and so it proved. It had been brought forward from June as the landowner was concerned it could be icy underfoot then. So it was ironic being brought forward to May and a rogue snowstorm blows through on Friday night. It was possible to still go there, but consideration also had to go to the bus driver and consider if it was safe to travel there and consider underfoot conditions.

The club executive decided to revert back to the original Bannockburn outing.

So a timely reminder that we do not cancel, but are prepared to change venue to ensure the safety of members. Also a good chance to remind members to dress warmly, remember layers to keep warm. Thermal layer underneath and a windproof layer on top to keep wind chill out. Also a reminder to pack leaders to keep track of time and adjust route if required. Your group may still be warm heading back to the bus, but remember the folk waiting round the bus for your group to turn up may be getting cold.

So despite a cold southerly breeze, the odd flake of snow, nearly 40 members turned up for Saturday's outing. Groups generally headed round towards Cornish Point, or else headed up to Bannockburn Stewart Town areas. Although there was only about 1-2cm of snow on the ground, it did make for wet slippery conditions underfoot, meaning care had to be taken.

Our president Gaynor was keen to get the turkey of the week award back out, but had to settle for Peter Dymock getting the duck of the week, as a pesky duck stole the biscuit out of his hand.