A frolic through Sheepshead Station to Fruitlands is usually a popular outing on the harrier calendar. And so it proved again this year with a full bus load making the trip to Mitchells Cottage.

Once again a blue sky day had been ordered up and delivered.

I was late arriving due to work, so walking along the track from Mitchells Cottage the first person I came across was past president Ewan, this week making sure he was not late back for afternoon tea.

In fact he set up the tables for afternoon tea, it was clear he was not used to doing this when people started asking where are the tea spoons? Still in the jar in the  plastic bin.

Most groups were back on time again this week, except for the W1s who were 10 minutes late. I’m not sure where they got to, as the bus used to drop everyone off at Butchers dam and everyone could make it back on time. Now the bus drops them off at Sheepshead driveway and they are now late arriving? I didn’t notice too many with wet feet so I guess you all have learnt the walk on water trick.

 At afternoon tea it was announced Ewan and Steve Tohill had celebrated birthdays earlier in the week. There followed a burst of Happy Birthday, but if the harriers want to make it onto the Naked Choir, then they will need to practise their a cappella arrangements. It needs work.

The weekly raffle was drawn, 3 draws, third draw number 78. That’s me calls out Barb. Barb checks her ticket, number 79, hmmn might be time to check out Spec Savers.

 Reminder to all – many of our outings are on private farmland, a couple of years ago we instituted a policy of the person who opens a gate is responsible for closing that gate. This is to prevent stock loss or mixing up stud stock. We have to maintain a good relationship with landowners, to maintain access for our harrier outings. If anyone has any issues on any outing, the first step of response is to advise your committee members, who will take any action if required.