Well, it appears you cannot believe the weather forecasters. A week ago according to them it would be raining in Arrowtown on Saturday. Just as well we have our own local weather god.

Although there were no blue skies and sunshine, overcast but mild conditions made for a pleasant afternoon for a walk or run in the autumn colours of the Arrowtown area.

The runners headed up Sawpit Gully track, the slower runners going so far before turning back. The W3s kept to the flatter areas of the river tracks and Arrowtown. The W1s headed up Tobins Track before heading north onto Glencoe Station and dropping back down. Meantime the W2s headed for Millbrook Resort. Were they there to join the secret meeting with the FBI and CIA? Did they have to undergo security screening to walk in the area? Or did they go there for a game of golf and luxury Spa treatment?