Well, it is still spring, and spring always likes to be a little changeable, so we did not have a hot, blue-sky day at Bendigo on Saturday. However there was high cloud and reasonably calm conditions and, although a little on the coolish side, it was an ideal day for a run or walk - no chance of overheating nor of freezing.

About 10 members headed up to Bendigo in the morning for the longer walk around the Kanuka Track. Just why they were driving through river fords I am not sure. Did they not know there are no fords to drive through going up the hill? Or were they just blindly following like sheep? So they were a bit late setting off on the track. By the photos sent to me, I assumed they were pretty relaxed just lazing around, but then closer inspection suggests they may have been trying to get rid of our former treasurer, Peter. By the looks of things, the local doctor was telling him to take an aspirin and, if his leg falls off, come back and see him on Monday morning. It was reported the last time it took about 5 hours to do the Kanuka walk, but someone must have chased them along as they did it in around 4 hours.

Meantime a smaller group than usual of just 17 walkers and runners car pooled up to Logantown about 12:30pm. As usual they took in a number of the tracks around the historic Bendigo goldfields sites, with the walking group getting a historical and geological talk about the area from Bob P.