Final Outing

Saturday 14 October 2017 was a typical spring day, warm one minute, cool the next, couple of spots of rain, that then disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. It must have been the final Harrier outing for 2017 season then.

A group of walkers met at the usual place at the earlier time of 11am, so they had a chance to walk up a couple of hills before venturing out to Airport Road.

At the same time about 7 runners and 7 walkers were setting off from Airport Road for a wander around the area. The faster runners headed down to the river, heading upstream to Clyde before returning down the rail trail. The slower runners went around the airport area, dropping back down onto the water race.

By the time we got back to say hello to Badger, the mountain bike group were making their appearance. Obviously they had managed to get past any pubs this year without a drink stop.

And of course there are always a few who just turn up for lunch. About 54 all up I heard.

So while most of us were working up an appetite, the Lions were busy slaving over a hot stove. I am not sure what happened to my meal of whitebait and crayfish though. However the roast beef and veges with salad and pavlova and ice cream certainly filled the gap and appeared to be enjoyed by all.

Thanks to our hosts Michael and Christine Williamson, our cooking Lions, and Barrie for organising things for the day. Saturday was the one day when Barrie actually gives away a free raffle. With 12 draws the odds of winning were higher than usual, but still not high enough for some of us.

And so ends another harrier season.