Most groups headed up the side of the lake, the W3s continuing on up towards Pisa Moorings. The W1s headed up Lowburn valley and up onto the Sugarloaf. The W2s and runners headed on up the 45th parallel walkway onto the Sugarloaf. Then it was on down to the cherry orchard heading west toward the Pisa range before heading back down the Lowburn Valley.     

It was a busy day at the Lowburn International Airport, the jet was fuelling up when I went past and came in for a rather bumpy landing as the faster runners were going by. ( In case you are wondering, it was a model plane, so was a bit small for fare paying passengers.)

One walker commented the 45th track was not very nice going down those steps, I replied I didn’t think it was that nice going up  -  those steps seem to keep on going.

Thanks for the photos supplied, a few members told me they had great photos of the walkers or runners on the skyline on Sugarloaf. ????