Rough Ridge

About a dozen walkers headed out in the morning, giving themselves plenty of time to walk the  loop track up to the top of the ridge overlooking the Manitoto before heading back down to the woolshed.

At 12:30 another 36 or so walkers and runners boarded the bus to head out. Before getting off the bus they received a health & safety briefing on hazards on the farm, something I suspect will happen more often in the future.

Most went up the hill so far, cutting across some of the various tracks. And some led their packs through the briar and Matagouri, I suspect just because they felt like it  as there was a perfectly clear track a bit further along.

Rabbits, hares and some old goats and less experienced goats (kids) were spotted along the way. Jackets were not required under the mild conditions, with patches of snow on the top and the odd patch lower down made for some localised snow falls. Dang, I missed with that snowball.

The gates all appeared to be secured as we left. Well done all you gate openers and closers.