Little Valley

The remaining members met up as usual at 1:00pm, with 3 runners deciding to run out from Alex. Another group got off the bus up the hill at the gates to join the group walking out from Alex. The W3s and  a few more headed out to the Matangi woolshed.

The slower runners and W3s wandered round the tracks and trails in Little Valley area, but a change to cold wind and driving rain, caused them to think safety and turned back earlier to the shed and shelter. For those heading in from Alexandra the only good thing was the rain was at their backs, they were not walking into it.

Indeed it must have chased them back as they were back by 3:00pm. The bus driver’s pack went up to the trig station to meet the other walkers, only to see them bypass the trig station, so they did not get back down till 3:15pm.

The runners from Alex got in about 3:25pm, only  to find the rest ready to pack up and leave. The welcome cuppa tea was not so great this week, with only 2 teabags left for the pot. I blame Barrie, he splashed out on some new tea towels  so we couldn’t afford some teabags this week.